MY WAY Educational and Rehabilitation Center

IGEFA is proud to announce our sponsorship and collaboration with MY WAY Rehabilitation Center in Yerevan. MY WAY serves children, teenagers, and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). ASD is a developmental disorder that presents many behavioral challenges in the areas of communication, social interactions, and adaptability.

MAY WAY’s efforts not only make a difference in people’s lives but also help bring greater awareness to the issue, and the struggles that are present each day in every family affected by ASD. The treatment of choice for ASD is a non-medical intervention that includes occupational therapy, physical exercise, auditory integration training, and sensory/tactile stimulation.

This year, the Center acquired and renovated the second building, which allowed to expand the number of children in rehabilitation daycare from 106 to 180. We are happy to announce the opening of a new Pottery Room, which has been fully funded and sponsored by IGEFA. The Pottery Room is a wonderful addition to the Center’s sensory/tactile Rehabilitation program. We share the confidence that early specialized interventions can give people affected by ASD the tools they need to lead full and productive lives.

We’d like to extend special recognition to Lilit Minasyan for conducting Outdoor Workout for Autism Awareness event, as well as to IGEFA BOD members Tamara Mironova and Ruzanna Markosian, for making this fundraiser a success. As Tamara admitted after visiting the Center, “By helping them, we help ourselves to make our life meaningful. My Way is an awesome place where everybody, adult or kid, feels safe, happy, and valuable!”