IGEFA has sponsored the Summer Camp at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies since 2014, for 16 students.

“For the past two years, we have funded four students from the Martuni Village in Artsakh to attend the TUMO camp. Two were siblings who had been affected by the horrific events that took place on the border between Azerbaijan and Artsakh. During my summer visit in Armenia, I had the privilege to meet them.

The Andreasyan brothers expressed the utmost gratitude for the program and with great enthusiasm showed me their summer projects. TUMO taught introduced them to software engineering, robotics, film design, and music production. We spent time talking about their aspirations and one of the brothers shared his plans to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics—something inspired by his experiences at Tumo. It was an extremely humbling experience for me, which reinforced the notion that IGEFA is truly making a positive impact. Through your support and contributions, we are able to achieve our goal and help Armenian youth, one child at a time.”
Tamara Mironova – 2017