Bhe Biochemistry Lab

We wanted to share that the biochemistry lab which is operating mostly due to your generous donations, last year was able to conduct multiple research projects with 100% hands-on participation by students. Real School students start and finish all the projects, acquiring Real Life skills. Also, the biochemistry lab not only serves as a place for learning but also for completing real projects for other parties and do their own scientific research. Please check a wonderful video made by Real School students.

IGEFA is proud to announce its collaboration with the Real School of Armenia.

The goal of the REAL SCHOOL is to provide its graduates with necessary knowledge and technical skills to pursue various opportunities in the high-tech innovative industry.

REAL SCHOOL is a four year high school level program that combines liberal arts education and vocational training, resulting in a level of knowledge comparable to today’s Bachelor level graduates of Armenian universities.

REAL SCHOOL acheives its goals through a program called “Theory of systems”, which is applied in a unique format combining both classical education and progressive education approaches. In particular, progressive methods include:

  • project based education
  • learning by doing
  • integrated curriculum
  • on-line education platforms

Well-rounded education is considered one of the important factors in success in life of our graduates. REAL SCHOOL education consists of real life projects which involve a multitude of disciplines and fields, including:

  • history and philosophy
  • natural sciences
  • arts
  • business and economics
  • physical education

It is REAL SCHOOL’s strong belief that education should be done through real work and work through lifelong education and training.

Please join us to learn more about this amazing project.