IGEFA is sponsoring the school for the several years.
Previous funding was used for gifted and needed children scholarships, purchasing musical instruments and furniture. This year’s $2000 fund used for scholarships and ordering dance costumes for Czech Dance (performance in Czech Republic) and contemporary Dance group.

The Ghazaros Saryan Art school was established in Yerevan, in 1971. The school employs some of the best music and art professionals. It has over 1000 students in various departments.


  • Music: piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, duduk, shvi, duduk, accordion, kanon, kamancha, oud, tar, drums
  • Vocal: classical, pop and folk song
  • Choir
  • Dance: Classical, Armenian, Contemporary and Latin American dances
  • Fine Arts: Painting, Drawing, Graphics, Sculpture, Tapestry, Clothing Modeling
  • Drama: recitations and stage art
  • Preschool: recitation (Armenian, Russian, English ), dance-rhythm, song-rhythm, drawing